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Saudi Arabia submits bid to host 2034 World Cup

Saudi Arabia submits bid to host 2034 World Cup

Recently, the Saudi Arabian Football Association officially submitted its bid to FIFA to host the 2034 World Cup soccer tournament. The move has attracted a lot of attention from the global soccer community and people are beginning to look forward to how the Gulf country will shape the global event.

Saudi Arabia has shown great enthusiasm for this historic bid. In an official statement, the Saudi Football Association said, "We should focus on the fact that the game of soccer has a huge global influence and that bidding to host the World Cup will bring great opportunities for Saudi Arabia." They believe that by hosting the World Cup, Saudi Arabia will have the opportunity to showcase its unique culture, beautiful landscapes and advanced facilities to the world.

Meanwhile, the Saudi Arabian Tourism Authority (SATA) also said that they are ready to fully cooperate with the soccer association in organizing a successful World Cup. "Our goal is to make Saudi Arabia a popular destination for sports tourism," they said, "and by hosting a major sporting event, we can further enhance Saudi Arabia's global visibility."

On the hardware side, Saudi Arabia has already shown efficient execution in building major sports facilities. For example, they have already built an 80,000-capacity stadium in the capital Riyadh, one of the largest in Asia. In addition, they plan to continue investing in more sports facilities and training bases in the coming years.

On the FIFA side, they have confirmed receipt of Saudi Arabia's bid to host the tournament. According to FIFA's protocol, as long as the bidder is able to pass the various subsequent assessments, including inspections of infrastructure, security, and finances, it will be granted the right to host the event. FIFA is currently evaluating the conditions of each bidder and is expected to announce the final results in the coming months.

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